In the meantime there was the finale of the third Silesian Culinary Cup for cilunary schools with participants from Nakło Śląskie, Rybnik, Tychy, Wodzisław Śląski, Warsaw i Żywiec.

Members of the jury were famous with Wiesław Ambros as the head of the selection board, tasting jury with Kurt Scheller as the chairman, Thierry Ayel, Marcin Budynek, Jerzy Czapla, Szymon Szlendak oraz technical jury with Tobiasz Herman, Tomasz Czypionka and Sebastian Humski as the chairman. Szymon Szlendak was the secretary.

School representatives were cooking meals based on their own recipies.

In the meantime the first culinary show “Meat and supplements in a classic way” of Kurt Scheller took place.

The trophy and other prizes were presented on Weindich’s stand.

1st place – Beata Kuźnik i Mariusz Jasiński (The Secondary School of Economics and Commerce in Rybnik)

2nd place – Marcin Biesiadecki i Paweł Latusek (The Secondary School No. 7 in Tychy)

3rd place – Nikola Jendrosek i Monika Kaczuga (The Secondary School – Agricultural Training Centre in Nakło Śląskie)

The winners gain prestige as well as more measurable benefits: valuable prizes, money bills (3 000 PLN for the 1st place, 2 000 PLN for the 2nd one, and 1 000 PLN for the 3rd one), commemorative cups and medals (founded by Weindich), cookbooks (founded by Rational), kitchen equipment (founded by RM Gastro), set of spices (founded by Kulinaria), set of pasta (founded by Makarony Międzybrodzkie), kitchen knives (founded by F. Dick), barbecue equipment (founded by Hallde) and many more.

We would like to thank all sponsors for their generosity. We would also like to thank all students, teachers, and members of the jury.

Other culinary shows were also popular. Thierry Ayel presented the show with French desserts and Jerzy Czapla presented his bartending skills.

On the second day visitors were invited to watch the show of Japanese cuisine presented by Tomasz Czypionka, French cuisine presented by Kurt Scheller, fish and seafood presented by Tomasz Nowak and Tobiasz Herman, and Silesian cuisine presented by Wiesław Ambros and Sebastian Humski.