During the fair thematic and specialist lectures took place. The lectures were very popular as you can see in the pictures. The programme included:

  • Sommelier – a prestigious job only for chosen? About advantages of a profession and the way of performing it. Hosts: Bogdan Migas i Piotr Borecki.
  • „Social media rules!” – Is social media ruling gastronomy? Host: Michał Nowakowski.
  • Projektowanie wydarzeń, jako narzędzia budowania marki w gastronomii w Polsce na świecie. Prowadząca: Agnieszka Małkiewicz
  • A professional waiter – myth or reality. How the profession works today. The lecture, tranching of lobster and dessert flambing. Hosts: Bernard Sitarski i Piotr Borecki.
  • A restaurant as a profitable business. How easily increase revenues and reduce costs. Hosts: Piotr Rogowski i Paweł Gruba.
  • The influeance of media on creating culinary trends in the modern world. Host: Joanna Ochniak
  • The meaning of a journeyman and a master of cooking in contemporary labour market. What The value of a proof of professional qualifications for an employer and an employee. Host: Beata Białowąs.
  • Slow food vs. Slow meat – how to define a quality of meat. Host: Jacek Szklarek.
  • Staff creates the revenue. Take care of your employee and they care for your business. Hosts: Piotr Rogowski i Paweł Gruba.
  • How to find a good chef and cooperate with tchem. Host: Krzysztof Żurek.